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Getting Around Lexington & Boston
Driving Directions

Minuteman Bikeway
Public Transportation

Lexington Minibus

Getting Around

Minuteman Bikeway

Enjoy walking, cycling, skating, running, and even cross-country skiing on this scenic eleven-mile paved trail. Passing through the towns of Bedford, Lexington, Arlington, and Cambridge, the Minuteman Bikeway conveniently connects residents and visitors to the Alewife "T" station for easy travel to Boston. Alewife Station is the closest T station to Lexington and can be found in the northwest section of the subway map.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Trip Planner & Schedule
- includes routes on Lexpress, Lexington's own minibus system.

Passes & Fares
- Visitors of the Boston area can purchase a transportation pass for one, three, or seven days. The Boston Visitor Pass is valid for unlimited travel on the subway, local bus and inner harbor ferry.

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